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Sal Starzun of StarzBank: Intergalactic Weirdo?

Thanks for reading today’s review of Sal Starzun of Starzbank Sal Starzun is a long time trading systems educator and trading systems vendor. His primary focus is trading the Futures markets. You can find many of his trading systems in the TradeStation vendor marketplace. Presently, Sal Starzun is promoting

Government Shutdown: Your money is not safe.

We are currently in day 34 of the government shutdown. This scenario is really fucking ridiculous. It is causing me a great deal of anxiety and irritation. Why? As my job, which would be to review trading educational products and services needs a great deal of interaction

Trading Educator + Unregistered Broker = Absolute Nightmare

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) charged Mark Suleymanov with securities fraud on December 3, 2018. All sorts of securities fraud. However, these SEC filings are vanilla flavored, sugar-free ice cream. They do not load much into their statements. They don’t tell the entire story. And this really is

Mark Slobodnick of PureTick is a FRAUD.

In the past week–the CFTC put the “pimp-hand” on Mark Slobodnick of Who is Mark Slobodnick? For those who have been around the Futures trading educational scene for a while…you should know Mark Slobodnick. Mark got his start scamming ‘mom and pop’ investors back in 2007, while he

FractalGo: The Billion Dollar Trading System?

Thanks for reading today’s review of FractalAlerts and FractalGo. The answer is pretty easy. I focus on the most absurd. I maintain a master list of every known trading instructor online and continually monitor the landscape. I subscribe to marketing emails using hundreds of dummy email addresses.

ColmexPro and TradeNet

Since 2014, has received multiple requests to review and My estimate, the requests have reached about 200. So why have I waited so long? And why am I connecting the companies together? The truth is that both and are irrefutably and inexorably

Pure Financial Academy 2018 Review

On May 15, 2017, published a highly negative review of Pure Financial Academy. You can read the original review by clicking to link. We detailed how Pure Financial Academy was founded by Will Busby of Atlanta, Georgia. One detail that we got wrong about Pure Financial Academy

Emini Trading School and Greg Gramalegui: 100% FRAUD

On October 3, 2018, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission won an important and landmark trial against Greg Gramalegui and his company: Emini Trading School. The ruling, by Judge Robert Blackburn of the US District Court of Colorado, declared that Greg Gramalegui was a serial fraudster and fined Greg Gramalegui

Yet another Futures spoofer is BUSTED

Almost every month, I am writing about big traders at large banks, ripping off small traders through the illegal activity known as ‘quote stuffing’ or ‘spoofing.’ Just a mere two weeks ago, I wrote an article that detailed how Mizuho Bank, Geneva Trading, and Victory Asset had been fined

Emini Trading System

Emini Trading Strategy: The Short Side. Today, we are going to develop an emini trading system from start to finish. This trading system is going to be a ‘scalping’ day trading strategy that is focused on the Emini financial futures contracts, including: Emini SP500 Emini Russell Emini