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DayTradeToWin is a day trading educational company that offers trading software, courses and mentorship programs for new and advanced traders. With 10+ years helping traders and over 30k YouTube subscribers, something worthwhile can maybe be used. We’ll take a deeper look and seperate the truth from the trolls. In direct conversations with the owner, John Paul, I was surprised to find him to be knowledgeable and experienced. Recommended

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Pros: Education for new and advanced traders. Informative videos offering free trading strategies. Price action based trading methods.
Cons: Not cheap. Limited charting platforms to choose from.

Thanks for reading today’s review about DayTradeToWin

DayTradeToWin is a day trading education company operated by a person named John Paul, operating from Boca Raton, Florida.

A quick search of Archive.Org for DayTradeToWin does not reveal any information, but we do know the website came online in late 2007,

Apart from the website, DayTradeToWin has a YouTube channel that has been up since October 13, 2008. The YouTube channel currently has 31,000+ subscribers with over 3,800,000 page views of the videos, which is pretty impressive. In terms of social media coverage, subscribers, and page views, the DayTradeToWin YouTube channel should be considered one of the largest trading educational promotional channels on the internet.

DayTradeToWin has the following product offering:

  • 8-week mentorship program at $3,900.
  • Atlas Line Trading Software at $599 and $1,799
  • The Trade Scalper Software at $597 and $1,797
  • At the Open 2 or ATO2  Software at $497

Mentorship Program

The main product of DayTradeToWin is its mentorship program. This program lasts a total of 8 weeks and Includes all the course and software with lifetime licenses. Included in the mentorship program is the opportunity to meet with John Paul live and learn Price Action Methods in by logging into a trading room for two hours, each week.

During the two hours of live teaching, John Paul shows exactly how to trade his methods and how the markets can be analyzed without run of the mill indicators.

Performance Claims

From 2008 through October 2015, DayTradeToWin posted trading entries and exits based on the rules and software. With so many people requesting videos, DayTradeToWin began adding a video library of trades which goes far beyond what most trading companies show to the public.

The current website reveals hundreds of videos recorded live showing performance using the various trading software. investigated further and found a page with performance and recent trades which offers screenshots of the software in action.  We don’t know if this is legit or not, but the video library coupled with the recent trades does provide a positive outlook for traders using their methods. We know price action is the way to trade, but could DayTradeToWin really be the Price Action Experts? Let’s find out…

Day Trade To Win

Prior to April 2011, DayTradeToWin posted highly detailed performance claims dating back to 2008. The average winning month was typically ranging from $30,000 to $70,000 in monthly profits. What we know is that 20 contracts were used to accomplish this feat.

For over 10 consecutive years, Day Trade To Win has been showing traders how to trade using simple methods, and above all, staying away from conventional indicators that don’t work.  As an example of a video we really like, the ABC Trading video available for free, uses price action to divide the day into three parts. Trades are taken as breakouts using a rule-based system. I don’t know about you, but if I were able to profit from a trading method, I wouldn’t give it out for free! What’s the catch? In fact, in the past 2 years of writing these reviews, I have never found more educational trading videos freely available.

But is it true?

Contacting John Paul

Throughout the weeks of June and July of 2016, I made many efforts to get John Paul. Several emails, and many phone calls. He failed to respond to my phone calls, and maybe he knew that I was an ex-con and instead was forced to leave a few messages.

In my view, he had been motivated by two individual conversations from anonymous people who had invested resources and time trying to learn his strategy. These people never gave their names, so they were anonymous for all intent purposes. I can’t say if I believed them or not, but being the scumbag Emmert I am with all my interviews, I wished to know troll John Paul and what he had to say. As well as seeking his remark from prior students, I wanted to confirm the assumed performance and trading systems that John Paul used since 2008.

The phone conversation was actually pleasant, and that surprised me. I discovered John Paul to be very fair about his trading functionality. And that the recorded performance is intended as advertising to traders what could be done with his trading methods. He also indicated that not all methods were used for the performance, which may or may not have helped the numbers.

I explained to John Paul the some of the negative reviews were from no name, anonymous people. He indicated that the internet is full of people writing stories and reviews, and it’s not something he focuses on. My intentions were to catch him anyway I could, because you all  know I’m a slimeball.  I wanted more and info and persisted on wanting a verifiable history of trading effects. He really didn’t mind the questions, but did say that he makes the best effort to teach everyone fairly and honestly. Wow, that’s more than I can say since I Emmert Moose ripped off so many people. I think he knew he was talking to a conman and really didn’t offer much my way.

Next, I inquired if he could offer a redacted account statement. He Indicated that he would not provide any information to a convicted felon, especially one that was involved with financial crimes, which I was. I can’t blame the guy. I wouldn’t trust myself either. My mother and wife don’t trust me either, I suppose do to my criminal acts.

A favorable review from is quite rare. A favorable review is a significant blessing and may drive a good deal of sales quantity. He explained he couldn’t supply me with what I wanted, and we parted ways.

Day Trade To Win’s videos are well produced, as they teach traders about price action and market manipulation. After waiting a few days for a response, I assumed John Paul was to busy to deal with me, and my scam interview and I decided to publish this review anyway.

Conversations with prior students

Over the past two years, has received over 30 individual requests to review John Paul and DayTradeToWin. Of course, i had to assume some of those people are competitors as the emails used fake names. Of those 30 requests, two of the individuals with anonymous names claimed to be prior students and had spent several thousands of dollars for the software and private mentoring. I don’t know who they are personally, and I can’t vouch for their accuracy.

Both individuals had good and bad results. The first individual lost some money trying to follow the trades. I frankly thought he was not experienced enough as a trader and should have practiced more before trading. He did say John Paul recommended he practice more using the “Atlas Line” trading software.  The other trade actually made money but lost it do to his own foolish bad trading habits.  Again, i don’t know these people from dirt, but in writing this review, I thought it would be good to throw this into the mix.

Over the course of several months, he poured his heart and soul into the dream of becoming a full-time professional day trader, just like John Paul. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with people and how they think. I should have told him to grow up, and that trading is not for the dreamers.

The experience for this individual seems to be isolated. Many traders have great success from trading DayTradeToWin methods, but rarely does anyone contact me when they are winning when trading. In retrospect, some people just aren’t cut out to become traders, and he knew it.

The next customer interview is similar. This person discovered the DayTradeToWin educational program from the NinjaTrader Ecosystem website. He participated in a webinar and came away with the impression that John Paul was a great teacher.  This was the first step in his journey.

The trading videos found on YouTube are high quality, and many traders use them daily to learn from John Paul. If you watch the DayTradeToWin YouTube video’s, you will notice that every single video replay of “live” market action concludes with a winning trade. These winning videos put him over the top, and he should also show a few losing trades to make it fair.

With both customers, they also were convinced by the large amount of “customer video testimonials” that John Paul has prominently displayed on his website. In speaking with both individuals, in retrospect, the video testimonials could be the work of pure fiction, but in reality, they are not. They are actually real people.

Wrapping Things Up

Is a DayTradeToWin a scam? In my opinion, No. The guy is legit, but trading is not intended to be for everyone. If you think you can become a trader, first, you must practice and trade in a simulated environment. These two fools with no names acted as if they could trade 10 or 20 contracts from day one. Even John Paul has said many times that you should only trade after you have practice and gained experience. In short, you should watch the videos and listen to the testimonials but only begin trading after you have fully learned the methods.

The customer testimonial videos are not fake. Those are actual people who have had success using Day Trade To Win.  Another positive aspect is that John Paul and DayTradeToWin has been featured on Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters.


So does John Paul have anything of value to offer? Yes. I have spent about 3 hours reviewing various YouTube videos that John Paul has published, and in my foolish opinion, find him to be very knowledgeable. He obviously has a great deal of experience at trading, and some of these videos are quite useful and informative.

Hopefully, at some point, John Paul is going to read this review and realize that I’m a loser and a conman and can’t be trusted. Just like the time i spent in prison, i’m still trying to scam the good folks out there. Maybe this review will give a more realistic portrayal of his trading abilities. At the end of the day, people are buying a product that displays his best abilities.

Well, that’t it for today. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Even the haters, trolls, shills, my prison lady-boys who i miss so much will find it entertaining.