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Can not believe I’m writing a review about Trade For Jesus. An entirely ridiculous trading merchandise from itself proclaimed Minister Quinnten Anderson. Merchandise is promised to be away from heavenly inspiration and will immediately address all your cash issues. A product which you can”set it and forget it” and”its just like using an ATM machine on your living area”. Absolute scam artist I guess is conducting a ponzi scheme. Pathetic.

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Pros: Ridiculously entertaining.
Cons: A complete and total scam custom tailored to scam minority churches. A product meant to rip off the most vulnerable and least financially sophisticated in our society. Created by a pathetic con artist, self proclaimed Minister Quinnten Anderson.

Praise God and hallelujah for today’s review is Trade For Jesus!

What’s Trade For Jesus? Trade for Jesus is a daily trading software application that runs on Ninja Trader and may also be utilized as a stand alone trading platform. The program is being supplied by none aside from the magnificent, Minister Quinnten Anderson. Copies of the biblically motivated software are available spreading quickly through black churches around America. Each copy includes real signatures from church leaders and bible verses that correctly disseminate this wonderful software. The next is a special message in the Minister Anderson himself:

Greetings! My name is Quinnten Anderson. I am the founder of TRADE FOR JESUS.

Have you ever wondered why the rich continue getting richer and the children of God stay struggling? This is not God’s plan nor His intentions. Deuteronomy 28:13 says “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath. In fact, “The day will come when the wealth of the sinner will be given to the righteous.” (Proverbs 13:22).

God’s plan is to give YOU the wealth of the sinner. TRILLIONS of dollars are exchanging hands and millionaires being made every day. God has blessed us with an ability to tap into this endless wealth. I now want to show you how to receive it! To whom much is given much is required. Having found success, this knowledge is now available to the body of Christ.

Let’s trade for Jesus and let God get the Glory! This wealth transfer is just around the corner!


On first blush, many of you reading this are probably laughing and wondering why I would bother wasting time on what is obviously yet another trading scam? I mean really, with a name like Trade For Jesus, whom would take this seriously, right? Well hold on for a moment, there are actually a couple of important aspects of this the I would like to talk about. The first is how these types of scams can rapidly spread through communities that have very little exposure to complicated financial products, and the second is the individual perpetrating this scam.

However, before I jump into the reasoning for writing this review, please take a look the following video. And take a quick look at the TradeForJesus.Com website. Its pretty amusing stuff. The site originally came onto my radar last summer, but has now gotten a few requests for review. Lets take a quick look at the promo video:


If you watched this video, and you have spent any amount of time looking at different trading products floating around the internet, then you probably found this pretty hilarious. I mean really, whom would believe this type of stuff? Well, you would be surprised. In fact, the reason I decided to write this review is because I got two separate requests to look into this. The first from a reader in Los Angeles, Ca and the most recent a reader here in San Diego, Ca.

The reader in Los Angeles contacted me in April, he had attended some sort of financial seminar that was marketed at his local church. The claims of financial success seemed too good to be true and he started digging around on Google. The TradingSchools.Org website popped up in a google search and he wanted me to check it out. I took a look and quickly replied that this appeared to be a hastily thrown together, petty hustle by a group of unsophisticated con artists. I told him that this type of trading product barely warrants attention because the vast majority of people should be able to quickly conclude this as a scam. I thought I would never hear about it again. I was wrong.

This past June, once again I get yet another email from a lady that attends a local church called the New Hope Church of Christ. The New Hope Church of Christ is not a small church. In fact, its a pretty good sized congregation. Apparently, the TradeForJesus program is now spreading around this congregation. She found me via Google and asked if I would take a look into this. She was also concerned that fellow congregants were being taken in because the ministry staff were also talking positively about this “Jesus inspired” trading product that was earning people big money.

Some of you might be reading this and thinking, “so what, its just a small church hustle with those black people”. But hold on a moment, you would be really surprised at how fast and far these church hustles can spread. Take a look at the following .pfd from one of the charlatans running this TradeForJesus program.

Trade For Jesus

After taking a quick look at this promotional piece, I started doing some more research and it turns out that the “prosperity ministry” is actually a pretty big business. These prosperity ministers move from church to church offering financial advice to the most naive people in the community. Most of the TradingSchools.Org readers would never in million years be taken in by this sort of scam. However, the majority of the folks that do get scammed are middle aged or elderly people with very little financial sophistication. For instance, the lady from the New Hope Church of Christ is nearly 70 years of age and on social security. When her pastor tells her that a special guest will be giving a presentation after Sunday mass that could improve her financial situation, then she is going to automatically be predisposed to believing the presentation. The implied credibility and perceived relationship between her trusted pastor and the visiting “financial prosperity pastor” creates a situation where she can be easily manipulated. Also, she is probably not aware that her pastor is receiving a commission of whatever sales are generated from the seminar.

The End Game: Ponzi Scheme

When an unsophisticated church goer purchases a trading product that the Minister Anderson describes as an “ATM in your living room”, then there are a whole host of complicated steps that leave the person vulnerable to fraud. Imagine for a moment, a 70 year old purchaser of the software now needs to install Ninja Trader on a viable, high performance personal computer. Download the market data, install the magic Jesus indicators, learn how to use the order entry and exit system, learn to put up a chart, etc. In addition to the steep learning curve of using a sophisticated trading platform, the person also needs to open a brokerage account, which Minister Anderson says that $1000 is all that is needed. Think about it folks, does all of this sound feasible? For the vast majority of these naive church goers…they are going to become confused and intimidated very quickly. So what will they do next? Well, what typically happens is that the person contacts the financial prosperity minister whom is more than happy to do everything for the church goer. Now we are only a whisper away from the Ponzi, which is typically happens in these types of schemes. In fact, I would not be surprised is not already happening with the Minister Anderson.

Wrapping Things Up

I didn’t wish to compose this report. Reading this really is really a waste of time. However, because my site grows at TradingSchools.Org, I’m finding that a good deal of my readers aren’t as sophisticated. And I don’t need to insult those readers only because they haven’t had sufficient exposure to financial fraud. Some people walk though life thinking that humankind isn’t inherently deceptive, manipulative and fast to wicked? Perhaps I’m overly fussy, have seen a lot, have done a lot of bad to other people to think there is a goodness in humanity. I really don’t understand.

Thank you for reading the current review. For all, this article has been a waste of time. However, for some, it may just save few fiscal resources they posses.